Song: Two out of Three Aint Bad by Meatloaf
Movie: Drive, starting Ryan Gosling
Food: Sinigang, from the Philippines
Place: Bahai House of Worship, Illinois
Quote: “I’ve got fourteen angels and we’re sleeping alone in the back of a cave where the rest of us go to feel normal.” -Blue October
Goal: 28 day food challenge


Song: Pins and Needles :: Billy Talent
Movie: The Reader
Food: Pani Popo, Samoa
Place: Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Quote: “All my bright is too slight to cover all my dark.” -Brand New
Goal: 5k run in August

he’s a genius


Regular readers of this blog and those who’ve kindly subjected themselves to my books will know that I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan. I love the book, I love the movie and even though I’m a total coward who wouldn’t get on a rollercoaster if I was told there’d be a million dollars waiting for me at the other end of it, I braved Universal Studios Jurassic Park River Ride just to see the JP view from the lazy boat ride bit that came before the 80 foot drop.

The first edition jacket design of Jurassic Park.

I love Jurassic Park because it’s one of the first adult books I ever read and I can clearly remember reading it—or trying to; it was 1993 and I was only 11 —in the little caravan my parents used to have installed by the sea. It’s not Pulitzer Prize-winning literature or anything…

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Sams are hard people to figure out. I myself have not yet solved the puzzle…the pieces of me don’t quite fit together, and what’s worse is they don’t seem to want to. The truth is we may never really or wholly discover ourselves, and though a fearful thought that may be the quest is far from worthless. I rather like surprising myself…

So, with a special thanks to the little voice in my head that kept butting in during my Monday night writing group, I shall be blogging daily about my likes and interests, things I would want to share with the world….then one day you can’t say that you didn’t know me.